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Chandra Oaks-Garcia, Ph.D. Candidate

Educator, Entrepreneur, and STEM Facilitator, Chandra Oaks-Garcia is the founder and CEO of Time Out 4U Incorporated, serving in the capacity of overseer of operations and STEM activities.  Having worked over 25 years as a Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Senior Designer for several environmental engineering firms; Chandra’s extensive experience in Computer-Aid Design, 3D Modeling Design and Computer Additive Manufacturing only adds to her 21 years of experience as a STEM/Career and Technical Education teacher.

Oaks-Garcia proudly serves a community of learners in Hampton City School District, Hampton Virginia in various capacities. She diligently worked with the Division's Career Academy Team for Hampton City Schools; National Institute of Aerospace (NIA) as a "Teacher In Residence”; served on conference planning committees for VTEEA and TSA locally over a period of time; mentors a team of STEM students in the Virginia Ship Repair Foundation Annual Competitions; facilitated an after school Computer Advance Manufacture (CAM) program sponsored by the Engineering and Technology Department of Hampton University; and served as the  Pre-college Physics Program Manager with the Physics Department at Hampton University. Mrs. Oaks-Garcia incorporates real world learning to promote and enhance student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Educated with a Master’s in Education from Averett University, a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Drafting and Design Technology from Alabama Agriculture and Mechanical University (AAMU) and she is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Workforce and Organizational Development at Old Dominion University.  Mrs. Oaks-Garcia co-author an article in ASEE Journal, "A Localized National Engineering Education and Research Outreach Model for Engineering Workforce Pipeline"; and an article in TechTrends, "Pre-service Teachers Compactional Thinking (CT) and Pedagogical Growth in a Microcredential: Mixed Methods Study".
Mrs. Oaks-Garcia is from Mobile, Alabama. She currently resides in Hampton, Virginia, is married, and the proud mother of four sons.

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