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 Inspiring STEM


Striving to diversity the 21st century workforce by broadening Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)  education exposure and career readiness for various demographic groups that are underrepresented in STEM.


Increase volume  of underrepresented  groups present in STEM undergraduate studies and professional STEM related careers 

Time Out 4U, Inc. is dedicated to advancing STEM awareness, stimulating STEM interest and promoting entrepreneurship among youth. Our team of professional experts host community activities, workshops, after school programs, and annual STEM Symposiums for community learners.  Time Out 4U collaborates with the Hampton University School of Engineering, and Hunter B. Andrews PreK-8 school to facilitate a Computer Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) after school program. Time Out 4U and the Hampton University Physics Department collaborates with Girls, Inc. to develop interest in the field of STEM for young girls. Time Out 4U hosted STEM activities with a local Latch Key Program further exposing STEM to members of the community.  

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