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Diana Gasparini

Mrs. Gasparini has been an Art Facilitator at Hampton City Schools for 6 years.  She believes that children portray comprehension through research, discovery, and practice when applied in their work. Her teaching methods provide adequate guidance and support to promote children’s advancement through definitive markers while investing in them a wide range of learning tools, styles, and abilities that can be applied throughout their education.  She believes that teaching is a motivator and a guide that inspires and cultivates children’s ambitions, knowledge, curiosity, cultural awareness, and their social development.


Her focus is always on the individual learner, emphasizing inner discipline and encouraging students to become independent and self-directed learners.  She believes that the study of art provides educational disciplines that can be used to prompt a child to take a more intuitive approach in apprehending further information in every subject of their curriculum.  Contributing Art into every aspect of a child’s educational development will further their comprehension of their own societal and cultural identity, while opening new perspectives to other curriculum areas, such as math, language arts, social studies, science, technology, and foreign language where art act’s as an active agent in creating enthusiasm and promoting discussions relevant to the subject matter. 


Mrs. Gasparini Her participation in Time Out 4 U, Inc. (TO4U) has brought all of these aspects to the forefront.  She has participated in TO4U’s STEM Symposiums for the past two years and has seen both Art and STEM develop children’s critical thinking process, improving their problem-solving abilities, and enabling them to work effectively in groups. 

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